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Certifications guarantee our compliance with defined standards of quality.

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As a certified company, EgeTrans has been awarded numerous national and international certificates in the areas of logistics as well as international transport and freight traffic. Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to complying with international standards and maintaining a consistently high level of quality for our customers.

Certificate EgeTrans Row 1

Picture: C-TPAT-Zertifikat

C-TPAT Certificate EgeTrans

Picture: RA Certificate

RA Certificate EgeTrans

Picture: AEO-F Certificate

AEO-F Certificate EgeTrans

C-TPAT Certificate (since December 2003)

Certificate of our participation in the “Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism” program of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

RA Certificate (valid until September 2022)

Certification as “Regulated Agent for Air Freight (DE/RA/00344-01)” issued by the German Authority for Aviation Security (Luftfahrtbundesamt). This certificate is in German.

AEO-F Certificate (since May 2010)

Certification as “Authorized Economic Operator AEO-F (Security Facilitations / Customs Simplifications / DE AEOF 101704)” issued by the German Customs Authority.

Certificate EgeTrans Row 2

Picture: IATA Certificate

IATA Certificate EgeTrans

Picture: Ocean Transportation Intermediary License

Ocean Transportation Intermediary License EgeTrans

Picture :Customs Broker License

Customs Broker License EgeTrans

IATA Certificate (2017)

Certificate of registration as IATA Agent (# 23-4 7215 EgeTrans Internationale Spedition GmbH / # 0111175 EgeTrans USA, Inc.), issued by the International Air Transport Association.

Ocean Transportation Intermediary License (since May 2002)

Ocean Transportation Intermediary License issued by the United States Federal Maritime Commission (OTI license #17710NF).

Customs Broker License (since May 2002)

Customs Broker License issued by the United States Department of the Treasury, United States Customs Services (CHB license #21487).

Certificate EgeTrans Row 3

Picture: Authorized Consignor

Authorised Consignor EgeTrans

Picture: Property Broker License U.S. Domestic Trucking

Property Broker License U.S. Domestic Trucking EgeTrans USA

IAC Approval Certificate

Authorised Consignor (since December 2012)

Approval as Authorised Consignor issued by German Customs Authority (DE/9450/ZV/0233).

Property Broker License Domestic Trucking

License as “Property Broker for Domestic Trucking” issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (# 2453157) for EgeTrans USA.