Content-Headline: Customized logistics solutions

Customized logistics solutions to fit your individual needs

EgeTrans can help you achieve your goals by analyzing your logistics needs

Content: Analyzing your logistics needs

Text: Customized logistics solutions

EgeTrans can design logistics solutions to precisely fit your company’s needs. As a mid-sized company, we work with our partners around the world to offer a wide range of services in addition to our direct and consolidated shipments. This allows our customers to react quickly and confidently to the requirements of the market. As a full-service provider, EgeTrans can work closely with you to fulfill all your needs, while providing you with a complete overview of your operations through direct access to all the relevant databases.

As an outsourcing partner, EgeTrans can build, manage, run and continually optimize logistics networks for fullfillmentand distribution. By precisely analyzing our customers’ logistics needs, we’re able to offer the

Text: EgeTrans can help you achieve your goals by analyzing your logistics needs

perfect mix of customized logistics solutions. After conducting an analysis of your company’s situation, we can plan and manage all your logistics activities, from the supplier to the end customer.

Our mission is to coordinate a variety of transport options, optimize warehousing operations and assemble a complete supply chain including ground, sea and air routes – from the manufacturer to the customer. Whether your needs include sea freight, air freight, ground transport, exports or imports, as a customer of EgeTrans, you’ll always have a complete overview of your individual shipments, allowing you to react whenever necessary.