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Land transportation

Content: Land transportation

Text: Land transportation

Do you want to be sure your European and North American truck, rail, and domestic shipping business is running as professionally and reliably as possible, with the optimal price / performance ratio?


Welcome to EgeTrans.


Our employees have many years of experience in truck dispatching, and send partial and complete shipments from and to all European countries. We are happy to take over all purchasing and distribution activities for you. Our modern fleet ensures smooth processing for your precarriage and oncarriage, for both sea and air freight.

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Our subsidiary company in the USA offers the same service in North America. With our Tracking & Tracing tools, we can inform you on the current status of your shipment at any time − and with an optimum level of data quality. It’s our goal to bring together the strengths of truck, train, and domestic shipping to meet your transport needs.


If you value flexibility, short reaction times, and maximum delivery reliability, combined with a high level of service, you’ll find what you need from EgeTrans.


We are looking forward to your order.