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Content: Logistics

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Global competition, short product introduction times, short product life cycles, high customer expectations: Your supply chain faces lots of challenges. EgeTrans can help you face these in the best way possible − with custom-tailored logistics services.


As part of our Open Order Management, we can coordinate and monitor your delivery deadlines, taking over coordination with your suppliers. Due date in danger? Based on current data, we can proactively dig in to find the best transport path for you - without delay, and just in time. By combining purchasing and production logistics, we create new opportunities in the areas of supplier management and production supply.


We also offer you a large number of options in the area of warehouse logistics. We manage commission stock warehouses for our customers in both Europe and the USA. After unloading and storing the goods in the

Text: Logistics

warehouse, they can be retrieved as needed, at any time, and on-demand. We can ensure optimized handling using specially developed tools like the warehouse management system or open order management. Your inventory is stored online and can be called up at anytime and from anywhere.


With our vendor managed inventory services, we offer another logistical tool for improving performance in the supply chain and for designing your flow of goods in an efficient manner. You can react more quickly to changing needs, avoid out-of-stock situations, and optimize transports. Further services like scanning, packaging, labeling, or managing returnables round out our logistics portfolio.


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