Headline: 2017 EgeTrans moves into new office building.

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EgeTrans moves into new office building in Marbach am Neckar


All employees will be united under one roof.

Content: EgeTrans moves into new office building.

Text01: EgeTrans moves into new office building.

Our company, which up to now has been present at two separate locations in the heart of the city of Marbach, will now come together at the waterfront of the Neckar River. We are glad that from now on all our employees will be united under one roof.

Since more than 25 years our business has been growing into new lines of business together with our customers. We had to adjust to the growth, also regarding space requirements for new employees. In 2011 it could already be foreseen that the existing premises would be reaching their capacity limits at both locations in Marbach and that we had to start planning a new office building.

For all EgeTrans employees it has been a particular experience being able to witness this construction project from groundbreaking until the move to the new building. Beyond the increasing cohesion in our team, we also noticed that our employees were glad about reached milestones, which will finally be noticeable as an added value for our customers.


Text02: EgeTrans moves into new office building.

In 2017, after various years of construction, the new building is now almost completed. In our special publication Von Marbach in die Welt (in German only) you can get comprehensive details about the construction project. We are now looking forward to opening a new chapter of our corporate history with you all.

Please send all correspondence from now on to our new address:

EgeTrans Internationale Spedition GmbH
Ludwigsburger Straße 70
71672 Marbach am Neckar

Phone numbers and email addresses of your EgeTrans contact persons remain unchanged.

Please visit our gallery for first impressions and photos.

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Retrospect: EgeTrans moves into new office building

Text03: EgeTrans moves into new office building.

The new building in retrospect:


It was discussed already in the Municipal Council Meeting in November 2011 that the new EgeTrans office building should be built on the former Hubl area, directly at the waterfront of the Neckar River. After considering possible alternatives the Municipal Council gave green light to the construction of the office building.

Together with the Mayor of Marbach, Jan Trost, the architect Dieter Eger and further guests the Steinmüller family celebrated the obligatory groundbreaking for the new corporate headquarters of EgeTrans Internationale Spedition GmbH on the 23rd of June 2015. Building owner is Steinmüller Immobilien GmbH. When the foundation stone was layed on 17th of December 2015 a “time capsule” made of stainless steel was placed in an opening in the floor of the underground car park, covered with mortar and walled up. The time capsule contains personal items, a hand-drawn sketch of the architect Dieter Eger and a current edition of the newspaper of Marbach.

Text04: EgeTrans moves into new office building.



Finally, on the 22nd of April 2016, the roofing ceremony was celebrated. Among the more than 150 guests were the people involved in the construction, representatives of the city of Marbach and EgeTrans employees. During several tours, the guests had the opportunity to examine the building carefully, before a feast was served.

In the next weeks and months the construction progress could be clearly observed. In Mid-August 2016 the big glass panes for the company restaurant and event location ATR/UM were installed. A few days later the impressive steel canopy on the top floor and end of October the new logo on the façade were installed. Subsequently the interior construction began.

From June 2017 the first employees moved into their new offices. The whole move was a big challenge, as three office locations, Marbach and the subsidiaries in the U.S. and Mexico were to be integrated without interference.

In August the company restaurant ATR/UM was opened.
We anticipate the completion of our new building by the end of the year.

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