Headline: Fraudulent phishing e-mails

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Phishing e-mails


Fraudulent phishing e-mails circulating.

Content: Fraudulent phishing e-mails

Text01: Fraudulent Phishing emails

Since a few days, scammers are using EgeTrans as sender for their phishing emails. These emails are displayed as an invoice and contain several hidden links that are trying to download a data file. This document does not look like an EgeTrans invoice and does not content any service that is related to EgeTrans. EgeTrans is never the sender of these e-mails. If you are receiving such emails, please do not open the links under no circumstances.

Please contact us in case you receive such emails in the future. Thank you.

Überschrift: Fraudulent phishing e-mails

Bild: Phishing emails im Umlauf

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