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EgeTrans earns recognition as a John Deere Partner-level Supplier and 10-Year Hall of Fame Supplier


EgeTrans also receives JD CROP award.

Content: EgeTrans receives AE recognition

Text01: EgeTrans receives AE recognition

EgeTrans has earned recognition as a Partner-level supplier for 2016 and was inducted into the 10-year Supplier Hall of Fame in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. This Hall of Fame status is given after a supplier attains a Partner-level rating for 10 consecutive years. The Partner-level status is Deere & Company’s highest supplier rating. The Marbach am Neckar-based company was selected for the honor in recognition of its dedication to providing products and service of outstanding quality as well as its commitment to continuous improvement. EgeTrans is the only International Freight Forwarder yet to have ever achieved ten consecutive Partner-level Supplier awards from John Deere.

EgeTrans has also earned recognition for 2016 in the John Deere Cost Reduction Opportunities Process (JD CROP). JD CROP, a supplier suggestion process, is part of Deere & Company’s Achieving Excellence program. EgeTrans received the honor for providing cost-reduction ideas of outstanding quality, and for demonstrating commitment to continuous improvement. This has already been the fourth time after 2009, 2011 and 2014.

Peter Steinmueller accepted the awards on behalf of EgeTrans during formal ceremonies held on 18 April, 2017 in Bettendorf, IA, USA. EgeTrans is the Lead Logistics Provider of international logistics services for John Deere units in North America, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Asia. 


Text02: EgeTrans receives AE recognition

John Deere's Achieving Excellence
Suppliers who participate in the Achieving Excellence program are evaluated annually in several key performance categories, including quality, cost management, delivery, technical support and wavelength, which is a measure of responsiveness. John Deere Supply Management created the program in 1991 to provide a supplier evaluation and feedback process that promotes continuous improvement.
Thank you
We thank John Deere and their suppliers for their continued confidence in our ability to continually meet and exceed their expectations. We contribute our longstanding success to our excellent relationships and ability to listen to and act on the needs John Deere lays out for us. EgeTrans would not be able to consistently provide excellent services were it not for the contribution of our suppliers and for that we send out a big Thank You! EgeTrans is honored to receive the awards for 2016 in John Deere’s Achieving Excellence program. We look forward to working with John Deere in 2017 and are committed to improve and develop our services and performance to meet and exceed our customer’ standards in the future.

To learn more about our AE recognition, please read our flyer.

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