Content Headline:Environmental policy at EgeTrans

Environmental policy at EgeTrans

Content: Environmental policy at EgeTrans

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As a logistics provider, EgeTrans is part of an industry that has a direct impact on CO2 emissions. The transport of goods around the world is responsible for a large part of the emissions that are recognized as one of the main causes of climate change. This is why at EgeTrans we believe it is essential to take responsibility for the environmental impact of our business. In devising a sustainable environmental policy, we aim to point the way to an environmentally conscious future and operate in a transparent manner.

In September 2010 we introduced a CO2 monitoring system based on the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064 standards. This system helps the company determine its environmental impact. This is just one of the first steps in the implementation of our strategy for environmental sustainability. In 2010 the company adopted mid- and long-term measures that will be implemented in the coming years.

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EgeTrans plans to expand its efforts in CO2 monitoring to its logistics services in order to develop green logistics solutions. Internally, we’ve developed company-wide environmental guidelines to educate our employees about areas related to environmental impact. Furthermore, we plan to support regional projects for environmental conservation. All these measures contribute to our ultimate goal: reducing our CO2 emissions by 15% over the next five years.

Energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency in our office buildings is an important factor for reducing our CO2 emissions. All EgeTrans branches are outfitted with energy-efficient building insulation and automatic temperature control systems, which maintain balanced and energy-efficient temperatures in our offices. When buying new equipment, we only invest in energy-efficient and low-emission products. We already obtain 30% of our power from renewable energy sources, and we’ve made it a long-term goal to increase this percentage as part of our energy efficiency efforts.

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In July 2011 we began replacing the lighting in our office facilities. We now use energy-saving LED lights at our company headquarters, and in 2012 LED lighting will be installed at a second branch in Germany. This investment in innovative and energy-efficient lighting represents a further step toward improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Resource management

Text: Water and recycled materials

Water and recycled materials

At EgeTrans, recycled and reusable materials are an integral part of our environmental policy. In our offices we separate wastes and recycle reusable materials. We only use water-saving equipment, and this is also an essential consideration when purchasing new equipment.

Text: Paper


Since 2001, EgeTrans has steadily increased its use of electronic communication with its business partners. All our orders are processed in electronic form to the greatest possible extent. We send the majority of our documents electronically, including invoices. We also provide our partners with documents and information based on a variety of EDI standards (including Edifact, Ansi X12 and VDA), thus eliminating the need to use paper. This area offers enormous potential for conserving paper and, ultimately, preserving natural resources such as forests. Thanks to our efforts in electronic communications, over the past few years EgeTrans has saved approximately 2.6 million pages of paper.

CO2 footprint for transport services

Text: CO2 footprint for transport services

In 2011 we brought our CO2 monitoring efforts to the next level by developing a system for our transport services that allows us to determine the carbon footprint of each shipment. The continued development of this monitoring system is an important step toward determining our current environmental impact and deciding on additional measures to take in this area.

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