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Social initiatives for children and young people


Initiatives for children and young people are an area that’s particularly important to us. This is why we support a select group of community projects, which are outlined below. 

Instead of giving gifts to our customers and business partners, every year we make donations to groups and organizations that contribute to our society through their involvement.

Content: Project Sternentraum

Project “Sternentraum” - With all our heart, doing something good everyday!

Since 2010, we’ve supported the project “Sternentraum” in Backnang. It was founded with the aim of supporting sick and needy people in the region. “Sternentraum” has made it its business to fulfill wishes of children and teenagers that do suffer from a chronic disease or a disability.

Over the years the “Sternentraum” hospice service for children and teenagers has evolved based on the needs of the community. This outpatient hospice service helps families who are confronted with the difficulty of losing a child. Volunteer careworkers assist the entire family and help them cope with this hardship.


The center point of both organizations is to work hand in hand to help the family and the child in need. With great compassion they support families confronted with an incredibly difficult situation. 

You can find out more about the important work done by “Sternentraum” on the websites: and

Picture: Project Sternentraum

Sternentraum children’s hospice service

Content: Drug awareness events by Dirk Schulze

Drug awareness events by Dirk Schulze

For over ten years, Dirk Schulze has been involved in volunteer work in the area of addiction prevention and drug awareness. As part of his initiative “Die Reise mit der Drogeneisenbahn,” (A Trip on the Drug Prevention Train) he travels throughout Baden-Württemberg in order to educate people of all ages about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. His events are engaging, multimedia experiences. Among other things we financially supported Schulze in producing the music video to "Wach Auf" (Wake Up!), a song from Schulze’s daughter Katjana, about the thoughts and feelings of person dealing with addiction. “Die Reise mit der Drogeneisenbahn” was honored as the project of the month (April 2013) by the drug awareness agent of the federal government and gained nationwide attention for its educational value.

More information about Dirk Schulze’s work is available on his website:

Picture: Drug awareness events by Dirk Schulze

Drug awareness events by Dirk Schulze

Content: Bietigheim Steelers

Bietigheim Steelers

Since 2012 EgeTrans has been a proud sponsor of the “Bietigheim Steelers” ice hockey team. The team, under the direction of Kevin Gaudet, faces off in the EgeTrans Arena in Bietigheim-Bissingen. The Steelers offer an exciting lineup of talent and have several achievements under their belt. Besides “Master of the Second Division German Bundes League” 2009 and 2013, they have also been “DEB-Cup Winner” in 2012 and 2013 and currently battle for the lead in the DEL2 league.

Follow the action and learn more about the Bietigheim Steelers on their official website

Bild: Bietigheim Steelers

Bietigheim Steelers

Content: FC Marbach

Youth soccer team FC Marbach

EgeTrans supports the youth soccer teams Division I and Division II of the local soccer club FC Marbach. Due to our commitment the teams receive new sets of trikots and the Division II participates in an international youth tournament. It is important for us to support youth sports and its volunteers who make the education possible.

You can find out more about FC Marbach on the club’s website:

Picture: FC Marbach

FC Marbach e.V.

"We care"-Photo Gallery

"We care"-Photo Gallery

FC Marbach Division I
FC Marbach Division II
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