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In today’s world, where markets are no longer defined by geographic borders, the fast and efficient flow of goods is one of the most crucial factors for survival in the global economy. Professional logistics management and procurement logistics services are becoming increasingly important. These are areas in which we’ve established a reputation around the world as a professional logistics provider and a highly competent business partner.

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Teaser: EgeTrans receives AE recognition


EgeTrans earns recognition as a John Deere Partner-level Supplier and 10-Year Hall of Fame Supplier


EgeTrans also receives JD CROP Award.


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Teaser: Foundation EgeTrans Mexico


EgeTrans México, S.A. de C.V. founded




New EgeTrans branch opened in Mexico.


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Teaser: Phishing e-mails


Phishing e-mails




Fraudulent phishing e-mails circulating.