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Air freight

Content: Air freight

Text: Air freight

We have established comprehensive expertise in the air freight industry during our almost 60 years of company history. If you need fast transport, we’re the company to contact.


Time, cost, flexibility: No matter what factors are key for you, our air freight division can assemble the best air freight service package for you. In doing so, we differentiate between the following five air freight services:

• EgeTrans Consolidation Service
• EgeTrans Economy Airfreight Service

• EgeTrans Priority Airfreight Service

• EgeTrans Expedited Airfreight Service

• EgeTrans On-Board Courier Service

Text: Air freight

No matter whether you need your services to be inexpensive and predictable, as flexible as possible, or especially fast, we provide air freight that meets your needs. This means you set the tempo, allowing you to optimize your supply chain in the long term. Of course, we always allow you to track your shipment through to its final destination, ensuring we can provide you complete information on your current shipping status.


In urgent cases, we are also happy to personally board the plane for you. With our EgeTrans On-Board Courier Service, we’ll bring your shipment to its destination, as quickly and carefully as possible.