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Air freight with EgeTrans.

Sit back

At EgeTrans, quality of service comes first – with personal and complete support, a constant flow of information, and very fast response times. We will optimize the different methods of transport to cover your needs.

Especially in airfreight as this is more important than ever. If your transport needs to be carried out quickly, our air freight experts will put together the optimum service package for you – taking all your costs, flexible elements and due dates into consideration.

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Individually and quick

In addition to the classic consolidation, priority and expedited service levels, we develop individual transit time and transport concepts for you – depending on whether you want it to be cost-effective and plannable, as flexible as possible, or simply fast. It goes without saying that we track your shipment to its final destination so that we can provide you with complete information on the current shipment status.

If you decide to use EgeTrans Airfreight Service, you can sit back, relax, and be sure that your delivery is going smoothly. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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If things have to go even faster than fast, we will be happy to help you with various express air freight solutions in the field of emergency logistics. For example, We will personally escort your shipment as an on-board courier and can thus ensure a personal handover in the shortest possible time. In addition to fast response times, you can count on our flexibility – no matter how serious your emergency situation is.

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We handle your air freight quickly and with personal care. Test our flexibility.

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