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Warehouse logistics with EgeTrans.

Modern warehousing

After analyzing your individual requirements, we develop a warehouse strategy perfectly tailored to your needs, taking picking techniques and retrieval strategies into account. Long-term partnerships are important to us. For many years we have been managing warehouses for our customers in Europe and the US. We rely on secure data exchange through our proprietary online-based management software. For example, once the goods have been unloaded and stored in the warehouse, inventory data is available online, on demand, as required, at any time and from any location. Specially developed tools ensure optimum handling.

Automated inventory meets high administrative efficiency.

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Just in time

Optimize your material flow.
Reduce transit time and effort. 
Rely on data security.

In short, reduce complexity and focus on the essentials by leaving your warehouse management to us. Together, we will develop a warehousing concept that meets your needs and has a lasting effect on the bottom line. From storage and order processing to on-time delivery.

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