Logistics on the cutting edge.

Smooth logistics through personal commitment – with EgeTrans.

As a medium-sized and internationally active family business, we have been offering our customers customized forwarding and logistics services combined with first-class service for over 60 years. Our core competence lies in procurement and distribution logistics for sea and air transport. Through expertise and uncompromising reliability, we have made a name for ourselves internationally and have risen to become a cutting-edge logistics service provider.

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Business relationships at eye level

Since the very beginning of our activities, we have attached great importance to sustainable business relationships – with our customers, suppliers, and employees. In a constantly changing market environment, we are able to grow healthily and organically. A willingness to perform and innovative strength are indispensable foundations for this, and this is what we embody. EgeTrans is a family business in the truest acceptation of the word. Just like in a family, a positive team spirit and respectful behavior are most important to us. We truly value positive coperation – one of the most important prerequisites for successful value-creation and professional collaboration.

Regional solidarity despite internationality

Despite our international field of activity, we are closely connected with our home region. We have been doing business here in Marbach am Neckar for over 25 years. We appreciate the proximity to our customers and our location in the center of one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. However, our regional ties do not only apply to our German location. We also have close regional ties with our two international locations in the USA and Mexico; we have experience in the respective markets and have internalized local mindsets and cultures.

An owner-managed family business – in the truest sense of the word.

One family stands together at the head of the company. Bettina and Peter Steinmüller have successfully managed EgeTrans for more than 25 years. And the next generation is already represented: Since November 2018, their son Marcel Steinmüller has been part of the management team.

The three Managing Directors in Germany are supported in their daily work by three authorized signatories. In Chicago and Querétaro, several Vice Presidents manage the business – in close coordination with the management in Germany, of course.

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“We are a solid partner for our customers and operate for them in a responsible manner. Our customer and supplier relationships are built on transparency, fairness, respect, stability and mutual trust.“

Peter Steinmüller

Peter Steinmüller | Cooperation built on trust

Peter Steinmüller began his career at Internationale Transportkontor Ege GmbH in July 1989 with the goal of taking over the management of Peter Ege in the next few years. In the following years, Peter Steinmüller proved his entrepreneurial skills and his foresight by convincing important US-American customers of the quality of the company and by creating long-term loyalty. Following a management buy-out, Peter and Bettina Steinmüller took over Internationale Transportkontor, which was renamed EgeTrans Internationale Spedition GmbH in 1993.

From the very beginning of his management activities, it was important to Peter Steinmüller to build and retain customers over the long term. He is convinced that sustainability, reliability, and trust are the most important factors for long-term customer loyalty and supplier relationships. These are still his core values today.

Next Level Logistics is his vision for the next few years. Through the expansion of digitization, EgeTrans will remain competitive in the coming years and meet the service standards of a premium provider: To ensure that EgeTrans will remain part of the next generation of logistics services Peter is training his son Marcel Steinmüller in all business areas so Marcel will be well prepared to manage the business alone in the future. In addition to his management activities in all EgeTrans companies, Peter Steinmüller is also Managing Director of Holding Steinmüller GmbH and Steinmüller Immobilien GmbH.

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“EgeTrans embodys a family oriented team spirit. This creates a feeling of solidarity from which the employees can draw motivation and fulfillment in their work.“

Bettina Steinmüller

Bettina Steinmüller | Motivation through a positive sense of unity.

Bettina Steinmüller took over the management of the company in 1993 together with Peter Steinmüller. Together they mastered the big challenge of leading EgeTrans into a new business future. Bettina Steinmüller was responsible for personnel and administration in the management board from the very beginning. As a manager, it is particularly important to her to create a pleasant corporate culture in which open, authentic, and empathetic interaction is possible. The experiences of recent years have shown her that this can create a sense of unity that motivates employees to do their work.

Bettina anticipates the shortage of skilled labor to be the biggest challenge for the coming years. It will be more important than ever to position EgeTrans as an attractive employer. In addition to her management activities at EgeTrans, Bettina Steinmüller is Managing Director of Holding Steinmüller GmbH, which was founded in 2007.

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“Process optimization and digitization are enormously important for the future of our company. Only through continuous development in these areas will we be able to continue to position EgeTrans as a competitive company.“

Marcel Steinmüller

Marcel Steinmüller | The next Steinmüller generation

Marcel Steinmüller decided early-on in his life that he wanted to follow his parents' career path. Already in November 2013 he took over the management of the newly founded Steinmüller Immobilien GmbH. From 2013 to 2016, he completed his logistics training and was also the project manager for the new building on Ludwigsburger Strasse. After completing his apprenticeship in 2016, Marcel Steinmüller initially worked as Manager of Corporate Development. Since November 2018, he has been managing the business of EgeTrans together with his parents. On the management board, he is primarily responsible for Digitalization and IT, Marketing, Quality Management and the ET Academy.

Marcel Steinmüller stands for a new generation of logistics experts who provide impetus without forgetting the roots of the company itself. Marcel believes the biggest challenge for the coming years is to further advance the digitalization process allowing the company to remain competitive in the market. As a young manager, his employees are particularly close to his heart. He wants to create good working conditions which satisfy the employees and they enjoy coming to work.

In addition to his management activities at EgeTrans and Steinmüller Immobilien GmbH, Marcel Steinmüller has been Managing Director of Holding Steinmüller GmbH since 2017 and is responsible for real estate throughout the Steinmüller Group.