Whistleblowing system

For us, compliance means that we adhere to legal requirements and regulations. Reliability, responsible action, honesty and credibility are among our core values, which guide us beyond our lawful conduct. 

If you would like to report a compliance violation to us you can use our web-based whistleblowing system. The system is provided by an external service provider for reporting misconduct. The overriding principle of the whistleblowing system is the protection of the whistleblower. Compliance violations can be reported anonymously via a secure mailbox.  

Before using our whistleblowing system, you can read privacy information according to Art. 13 and 14 GDPR here

Anonymous reporting

In order to ensure that your access to the whistleblowing system is not tracked, you will not find a clickable link here, but only the internet address. 

Please copy this link completely into the address line of your private browser https://wbs.sycobase.app/case?refId=MNYGN7MHGVEPOWW6O56AHWJEWE5WUEVB
You will be directly connected to the whistleblowing system of EgeTrans. 

Or, you copy the following link https://wbs.sycobase.app into your private browser and enter “EgeTrans” in the search field. 

Further reporting options

Take a picture of the QR-code with your smartphone to go directly to our whistleblowing system. 

You find information on how reports are handled on the start page of the system and you can decide in the beginning whether you want to report anonymously or by name.