Supply Chain Management redefined.

Cutting-edge integrated logistics solutions.

Not every logistics problem fits into a standard solution, not every situation can always be handled in the same way. Our own quality standards can only be met by precisely knowing our customers requirements and to take them into account during planning and implementation. This requires a passion for the profession as well as the necessary sensitivity in consulting.

At EgeTrans we are pursuing new and innovative ways in procurement and distribution logistics. As a premium logistics service provider, we create integrated transport concepts that enable our customers to react quickly and reliably to market requirements. Together with our worldwide network of partners, we coordinate the various methods of transports by water, air and land to ensure the most cost-efficiency.

After analyzing your individual situation, we work with you to develop a tailor-made logistics concept that does not only include practicable and efficient, but will also reflect sustainability. As a modern full service provider, we do understand that digitalization and networking are an important part to our integrated concept.

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Sea freight

Worldwide transports on the water are our passion. Our employees in Marbach, Chicago, and Querétaro ensure that your goods reach their destination safely and on time.

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Air freight

If your freight needs to move by air freight, expect to always be treated like business class at EgeTrans. We put together a service package for your air freight that is tailored to your requirements. In immediate emergency situations we might even personally go on-board the airfreight and serve as a courier to delivery your shipment.

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Our experienced dispatchers merge road, rail, and inland waterways into an unbeatable trio to bring out the best for you. Professionalism, flexibility, and reliability are standard for us.

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Warehouse Logistics

Discover new options in warehousing with EgeTrans. By optimizing your production and process flows, we support you sustainably and make your value chain more efficient.

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Customs Services

From import or export declaration to arrival notification or proof of delivery: We organize the smooth import of your goods, prepare the necessary customs declaration, and inform you about the current shipment status at any time.

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Value Added Services
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Global Transport and Logistics Consulting

Our maxim "Tailor-made logistics solutions instead of standard products" applies not only to classic transport issues but also to our additional services: Container stowage | Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) | Security | Packaging | Transport | ...

Process Management

Customer-specific EDI solutions | Central control of order processing | Online order tracking via ET Connect | Process design according to customer requirements | Document management (archiving and provision)