In the long run.

Acting sustainably.

EgeTrans operates sustainably – an owner-managed family business that maintains and expands corporate values over the long term. We offer our employees a home for their own careers: personal development, collegial and familiar team structures, and a job to build on. We understand and treat our customers as partners, whom we serve with perseverance and reliability over many years. The basis of our relationships is mutual trust. We want to expand our business together in the long run – planned step by step, for a great future.

Our Carbon Footprint
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Sustainability Report 2022

In July 2023 we published our sustainability report for the fiscal year 2022.

To report

We are aware that our industry needs to address CO2 emissions. Our business is based on the transport of goods, which always generates CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, we have set ourselves the goal of minimizing our ecological footprint.

Our new administration building meets the latest ecological standards: we use rainwater for our toilets, solar energy for hot water and heating, and our offices are cooled with groundwater.

For years now, we have been promoting digitization and practicing the paperless office concept. Our workstations are each equipped with two monitors, which makes printing practically unnecessary.

Social commitment for the benefit of children and young people.

Social projects that focus on the needs of children and young people are particularly close to our hearts. All projects are very important for the management of our company and have been personally selected.

Dirk Schulze and "The Journey with the Drug Train"

For more than ten years, Dirk Schulze has been involved in addiction prevention and drug education on a voluntary basis. With his project event "Die Reise mit der Drogeneisenbahn" (The Journey with the Drug Train) he is on the road in Baden-Wuerttemberg to educate people of all ages about the dangers of drugs and other addictive substances. He creates his events as lively, multimedia experiences.

We support him and his project continuously to allow him to expand on equipment and to add fruther training courses. "Die Reise mit der Drogeneisenbahn" was named Project of the Month (April 2013) by the Federal Government's Drug Commissioner and is thus receiving nationwide attention. (German only)
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Project "Sternentraum"

Since 2010 we support the project "Sternentraum" (Star Dream) in Backnang. It was founded with the goal to help sick people in need in the region. The mission statement of "Sternentraum" is to fulfill dreams and wishes of children and young people with a serious or chronic illness or disability. Specifically, this work is carried out in the Rems Murr area and the surrounding region.

Over time, "Sternentraum" has emerged as a children's and youth hospice service. The outpatient hospice service helps families who find themselves in the difficult situation of having to say goodbye to a child with a life-shortening illness. Through this difficult time, volunteer caregivers accompany the entire family and help the affected persons to cope better with the situation.

Both organizations work hand-in-hand and agree: The focus is on the family with a sick child. (German only)
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FC Marbach | Jugend.Fussball.Centrum.

We have been supporting the local youth football club in Marbach for several years now. Due to our good long-term partnership, we will expand our cooperation with FC Marbach in 2019 and establish the Jugend.Fussball.Centrum together.

With the new Jugend.Fussball.Centrum, we are creating optimal conditions for supporting the athletic development of Marbach's children and young people. With our support, the club can keep their equipment, training methods and training grounds up-to-date. (German only)
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