Addiction prevention as part of our education program


Dirk Schulze hosted his anti-drug abuse event @EgeTrans.

For more than ten years, Dirk Schulze has been involved in addiction prevention and drug education on a voluntary basis. With his project "Die Reise mit der Drogeneisenbahn" (The Journey with the Drug Train) he is on the road in Baden-Württemberg to inform people of all ages about the dangers of drugs and other addictive substances. He creates his events as a lively, multimedia experience. EgeTrans has been supporting Mr. Schulze for several years so that he can obtain further equipment or attend further training courses.

Dirk Schulze visited EgeTrans for the first time on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. The event was part of the orientation days for our new trainees, during which not only professional subjects were on the agenda but also social aspects as well.

The day started with a presentation on basic information about all kinds of drugs and what they do to the body. Among other things, clips were shown to illustrate the effects of drugs on people's behaviour. Not only the classic addictive substances were covered, but also topics such as mobile phone addiction. Here a lively discussion developed afterwards. In the afternoon, the trainees went to an active course, where they wore intoxicating glasses and had to cope with tasks at various stations.

Afterwards Dirk Schulze presented his extensive collection of accessories around drugs: From energy drinks to e-cigarettes to the hash pipe, all kinds of products were represented, the active ingredients of which were explained. At the end of the day, the music video "Wach auf" was shown, which was produced jointly by Dirk Schulze and his daughter and in which personal experiences and feelings were processed. An emotional conclusion to an impressive event that will surely remain in the memory of all participants for a long time to come.