Hockeymatch at company headquarters


Bietigheim Steelers take part in EgeTrans image video.

The logistics industry is no exception to the shortage of skilled workers. In today’s war for talents, companies have to put everything on the line to be perceived as an attractive employer. At EgeTrans, we offer our employees the opportunity to develop in a professional, modern logistics environment. In addition to attractive remuneration, flexible working time models and a high-quality infrastructure, a positive working environment is essential.

But how do you convey these aspects to potential applicants in a way that is as authentic and charming as possible?

For example, through a video. 

We presented the idea of a spontaneous hockey match at the EgeTrans headquarters to our friends from the Bietigheim Steelers and they were in spontaneously. The footage was shot within one day and a few days later the video was edited. You can watch it now on our website and our YouTube channel.

By the way, a prequel was already published at the beginning of 2022. It starred professional handball player Nils Boschen from SG BBM Bietigheim. You can also find this on our YouTube channel.

Enjoy watching!