In Transit Report Shines in a New Light


EgeTrans realizes another milestone on the digital agenda

In our globalized world, smooth logistics are crucial for the efficient transportation of goods. Companies face ever-growing challenges in optimizing their supply chains and meeting customer demands. The rising call for transparency throughout the entire supply chain has led to an increased adoption of digital solutions.

Last year, we have already taken an important step to actively shape this development. By releasing an improved version of our online portal, ET Connect, offering enhanced performance and a modern design, we paved the way for the future. And now, we are thrilled to announce the next milestone on our digital agenda: The In Transit Report has been revamped and is now shining in a new light.

What is the In Transit Report?
With the In Transit Report, our customers gain access to their shipment data from the last two years. The data is available 24/7 and is updated in real-time from our ERP system, ensuring the highest data quality. Within the report, our customers can quickly and easily retrieve information about their shipments, such as tracking statuses, gain an overview, or download important documents.

The new In Transit Report was developed by our own team of experts, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and optimizing functionalities based on valuable customer feedback. This approach allowed us to make significant improvements in crucial areas while preserving the strengths of the In Transit Report. As a result, we can provide digital tools that allow our customers to access the needed information even more conveniently and quickly.

Logistics on the cutting edge through digital transparency
Our spirit of innovation and agility is the key to providing our customers with the digital transparency they require. We continuously develop new digital processes, optimize functionalities, and handle both the programming and administration of the entire online portal, ET Connect, in-house within our own team. Embracing this in-house solution grants us independence and flexibility, empowering us to respond swiftly to the evolving needs of our customers. In this way, we ensure that our digital services consistently meet our premium standards.

Interested in the In Transit Report?
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