Significant toll adjustment on German roads


A new toll rate for commercial freight traffic on German roads will come into force on December 1, 2023.

The toll for trucks weighing 7.5 tons or more will be further increased from December 2023. This is in line with the legal requirements of the Eurovignette Directive, which provides for a differentiated determination of toll rates based on the CO2 emissions of vehicles. The basis for calculation is assumed to be 200 euros per ton of CO2 emitted. In future, the truck toll will be made up of four components: costs for infrastructure, air pollution, noise pollution and CO2 emissions. 

The German government considers this CO2 differentiation to be a decisive measure for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving climate protection targets. The introduction of a CO2 price should serve as an incentive to make the transition to alternative drive systems more attractive. The forecast tax revenue from the new toll rate is in the billions and is to be used specifically to improve the transport infrastructure (road and rail).

A challenge for hauliers 
The introduction of this additional partial toll rate marks the largest increase in the truck toll since its introduction in 2005. An average cost increase of 10% is to be expected for truck transports that are carried out exclusively on German toll roads, and 7% for transit traffic through Germany. For multimodal transports, the cost increase relates only to the transportation costs for trucks. 

Due to the market situation, the hauliers affected will not compensate for the additional costs incurred as a result of the new legal directive and will pass them on directly to their customers. A comprehensive switch to alternative truck drives and emission-free trucks is not foreseeable in the short term, as infrastructure, network capacity and subsidies are not yet fully available. Passing on costs to customers therefore remains the only option

EgeTrans will also pass on the increased toll rate to its customers. This cost rate will be included in our offers for German truck transports that will take place after December 1, 2023. We ask for your attention to this increase and for your understanding. 

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