Truck fleet grows


New trucks with EgeTrans branding on their way through Europe

Truck transports play a central role in organizing international supply chains. Even though trucks only cover a short distance compared to the main leg, they are essential for logistics to run smoothly: Through truck transportation we create the flexibility which is necessary to ensure on-time collection at or delivery to our customers.

Twenty-seven truck trailers with EgeTrans branding are on the road in Europe by now. They are operated by our long-term truck cooperation partners; loaded exclusively with our customers’ shipments. 

Just recently, at the end of August, ten new trailers were added to the EgeTrans fleet. Among them are two EcoTrailers. Through a special lightweight design the tare weight of these trailers is lower compared to regular trailers. Fuel consumption is reduced and the loading capacity is increased. A win-win situation for all parties involved – besides reducing CO2 emissions, this also cuts costs.

The central message of the EgeTrans fleet is "Transatlantic. Worldwide." At first glance, this message seems contradictory. What is behind this claim? EgeTrans is a medium-sized company that has grown on the logistics between Europe and North America. On this connection, EgeTrans has years of experience and an excellent network. We transfer this profound expertise to other markets worldwide. In this way, we are able to provide globally positioned customers with complete customer-specific solutions at a high level of service quality. And our truck fleet contributes significantly to this.

The trailer design is complemented by naming relevant transatlantic routes and competencies which would not necessarily be expected on the tarpaulin of a truck. 

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